Tips And Tricks on Taking Care of Young Whippets

For a long time now, people have been domesticating dogs in their homes. As a result, dogs turn out to be among the best pets humans have at their home. Whippets are a breed of dogs that call canine owners. It’s a dog that needs the owner to take good care of him or her, especially when the dog is young. The challenge is that not many of us understand how to take care of the whippets. In this article, therefore, is an ultimate list of tricks and tips on taking care of young whippets. These include;

1. Always offer medical care

Whippets require regular vet visits for vaccination against diseases. It also needs you to pay attention to the nutrition guide from a professional. Also, consider regular parasite spray to keep your pet off fleas and rice. Take care of both the external and internal parasite that your whippet will remain healthy.

2. Daily Physical Activities

You need to maintain your whippet in the right shape. That included making sure it burns calories. Such is achievable via physical activities. These activities will also help in fighting boredom. There are a lot of fun activities that you can engage in, including dog training.

3. Feed plan

At different ages, your dog will call for a separate feeding plan. The most recommended method includes;

•    Four bowls of food for a whippet aged 2-3 months

•    Three meals a day for whippets of age between 3-6 months

•    Two meals for a whippet of age 6-12 months

•    When they are a year old, consider giving them a single meal in a day

Note that some whippets will need more meals than others.

4. Regular grooming

Your whippet needs regular grooming to keep him or her clean. Remove all the ticks and fleas, cut his hair where needed and give him a warm bath. Make sure to rinse him of all soaps.

These are a few tips and tricks on taking care of young whippets. Consider to observe all, and you’ll love the joy your dog will show – read article on when is the best time to train your dog.

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